Interaction design

User experience

Digital design

Bachelor thesis

Team: Astrid Slingerland & me

6 weeks

During this project we created Insight. Insight is an interactive website where young adults can go and create an emotion diary through guided exercises that can help creating a better mental health.

What we had to do

For this bachelor thesis we had to create a digital product for young people who are going through a transition in their life.

Target audience

What are the transitions these young people go through? Well, when someone finishes school, they can go through a lot of big life choices. “Will I go live on my own?”, “Will I go study?”, “Maybe I can go abroad for a year”, “Where will I be working”.

The issue

These questions, expectations, pressure from parents and other people, together with choices they have to make can give young adults a lot of mental health problems. Those problems can be stress, anxiety, burn-outs and so on. This is what we want to avoid or at least ensure that our target group learns how to deal with this in a better way.

The need

To better understand the target audience and understand what they actually need, we did some more research. We can conclude that people expect a lot of our target audience and these expectations can cause a lot of mental problems. Young adults are scared to talk about their problems, this because they think their problems aren’t important and they feel other people won’t understand their problems. It turns out this group really needs assistance, but rather assistance in an approachable way, where they can express themselves without judgement and without obligations, something anonymous and preferably something low-cost.


It was also important to see what other people and companies create for a better mental health. What’s their focus? How do they handle creating a product for this cause? We decided to research some apps, websites, campaigns, organisations and so on. We could see there is a broad selection of digital products that help with mental health. These could be in a form of meditation, organisation and other practices that help with mental health. These products are great, but why doesn’t our target audience use them more? It is often the price that is decisive, but also accessibility and interest. A lot of these apps only get used for once and end up being removed or forgotten after this one-time use. The user often gets bored of doing the same practices everyday.



Free to express yourself


Low-cost and anonymous


After applying our research to multiple brainstorming sessions, we were able to combine two ideas into one idea. The first idea focused more on the mental health aspect of journaling and the benefits it brings to the user. The second concept was more about practicing visualisation in order to get rid of frustrations.

After merging these two ideas into one, we came up with the idea to create an interactive website where you can keep a journal of your feelings and emotions through guided exercises. When we combine both the exercises and the journaling, the user gets both the positive aspects of journaling and the other exercises we offer.

First visit

When the user first visits our website, they first get some information about the purpose of the website and how it works.

Guided exercises

Next they can go for an exercise. Every time the user gets on the website they get another one, this way they don’t lose interest. These exercises adapt themselves to the time of the day and to the needs of the user. We guide the user through the exercises in an audiovisual way.

Emotion diary

After each exercise the user can fill in what they are feeling at the moment. These feelings can be stored in a profile. Through these stored feelings the user can learn to discover patterns, gain more insight into their feelings and discover triggers. Through all these advantages one learns more about theirselves and the feelings one has, this way a user can really grow emotionally.


Gaining more insight and growing emotionally are the main goals of our website. Because we talk about gaining and insight, our branding and name were created. With the branding, we mainly focus on the growth that our product brings with it. It goes without saying why we chose to brand our website with the name “Insight”. Visualising “growth” we do by using flowers as a visual aspect in the exercises and throughout the website.

We wanted to give the user a fresh and pleasant feeling when they visit the website. Therefor we work with bold typography and combine this with illustrations and animations. Especially the typography will stand out when the website is opened. Even though the illustrations are used for explaining the exercises and serve the purpose of creating a certain atmosphere, they will certainly be present.

We learned a lot during this project. I was really excited to create something for a greater purpose, something with an impact on a certain target audience. I am happy we created something for the people, something that can be used to help with creating a better mental health.