User experience

Interaction design

School assignment

Team: Lucinda Mollet & me

8 weeks

Kortrijk Vertelt is what we came up with for this assignment. With Kortrijk Vertelt we want to bring people together by using technology, creativity and freedom of speech. While doing this, we also make sure people get some information on the evolution of Kortrijk.

What we had to do

For this assignment we had to make the Broeltowers (protected heritage in Kortrijk) more interesting to visit. This for inhabitants and visitors of Kortrijk. In these towers we had to tell the evolution of Kortrijk by using technology in a creative way. While doing this, we had to think of every little detail, everything that could go wrong we had to keep in mind and fix a fallback for it.

“How can we make the Broeltowers more attractive to either inhabitants and visitors of Kortrijk?”

Some things we had to keep in mind

Protected heritage

The towers are protected heritage, the look of the towers can’t be changed (drilling, painting,… that can’t be done).

Visiting the towers

At the moment, the Broeltowers aren’t visited often, most of the people who live in Kortrijk or visited Kortrijk haven’t visited the towers. It also is almost impossible to visit the towers with wheelchairs.

The towers

These two towers each have three floors:
In the right tower the first floor is already occupied (there are toilets), so we couldn’t use that floor. This tower has been renovated a long time ago, this means the tower is fully closed by windows but the acoustics are really bad.

The left tower isn’t fully closed and there are no windows in this tower. This tower is still the same as when it was build and here the acoustics are way better.


Let's get personal

People can add personal stories to our installations and all these stories together tell the evolution of Kortrijk.

Be creative

Our solution isn’t only digital, but also creative. People can make and add things themselves, this all in a creative way.

Stimulate working together

By not only using digital solutions, we want to bring different generations together and let them work together.

Let people share their opinion

People can share their own opinion, this is also important for the personal aspect.

We wanted to focus on these four aspects so people have a part in the evolution of Kortijk. These four aspects are important so “visiting the Broeltowers” isn’t a one-off, informative visit, but more something to repeat. Every visit will be different. A visit has to be fun and light, there’s no need for an overload of theoretical information. It will also be possible to pay a quick visit without losing anything of the experience.


With “Kortrijk Vertelt” or in English “Kortrijk Tells Stories” we want to let everyone who has something to tell about Kortrijk take part in telling the evolution of Kortrijk. Everyone will be able to share their stories about Kortrijk. All of these stories together will eventually resemble the evolution of Kortrijk. Because we let the people tell the story themselves, they can discover Kortrijk in a personal way.


In the not-renovated (left) tower everything is about the present & the past of Kortrijk. Everything is about stories and experiences in Kortrijk. Here, people who have a story to tell about Kortrijk will build the evolution of Kortrijk, together.

In the renovated (right) tower we put the installations where people can share their opinion on Kortrijk. What would they change? What are they happy with?…

Towers layout

Swap Boxes

To get people to the towers, we wil put some so called “ruilboxen” or “swap boxes” around Kortrijk. People put an object, together with a story that has a connection to Kortrijk, in this box. The next person can take this object and put something in there themselves.

On the door of the box there’s explained how the boxes work, so people know what they have to do and a call-to-action to share their object on social media with the hashtag #kortrijkvertelt.

The boxes are made in a way so that people can write their stories on the spot. There will be paper and a pencil in the drawer. The drawer is made flat so people can write on it.

Swap boxes
Swap boxes side

On the side of the boxes there’s a call-to-action to get people to visit the towers with some info on what you can do in the towers. The call-to-action is as personal as possible “more stories about Kortrijk? Come and get a look in the Broeltowers”

There’s a QR code below this, scan this code with your smartphone and it wil bring you to your most used navigation app. The address of the Broeltowers wil be automatically filled in. For people who don’t have a smartphone, the address is also on the box itself.

There will be a call-to-action to share everything that has to do with these boxes and the Broeltorens on social media with the hashtag #kortrijkvertelt.

The boxes won’t be put just anywhere. To avoid vandalism we put the boxes in places that attract people who would be interested to visit the Broeltowers. Creative places, well known public places, cultural places and so on.

These boxes will also be put in the towers (second floor of the not-renovated tower). Here the sides won’t say to come to the towers though. These boxes will be true eye-catchers, so people certainly don’t walk past them.

Discover stories

Here you can, on a digital map of Kortrijk, discover stories other people added. These stories represent the evolution of kortrijk. The stories are told by audio recordings or by drawings.

On this map there will be pinpoints, these are stories told by people. You can view/listen to these by clicking on them. There will be headphones attached on the side of the installation to listen to the stories.

To encourage people to keep browsing through stories there are tags added to each story. The stories will be linked together by these tags. When someone clicks on a story, they see other stories that are connected to the one they clicked on.

indtallation 01

Share stories

This digital installation is used to add stories to the map of Kortrijk.

The second digital installation is one where you can add stories to the location where they took place, on a digital map of Kortrijk. These stories can be added by audio recordings or drawings. There will be a few of these installations in the room, so everyone can easily add a story without waiting too long. There will be 5 installations for adults and 3 little ones for children.

We chose audio recordings and drawings because these are more creative solutions than just typing the story. It’s also easier for children to draw something instead of writing. Why still two choises? We liked the sound of audio recordings. This is authentic because of the dialect, but not a lot of people are comfortable with recording their voices. Therefore we added a second choice, drawing the story.

indtallation 02

View others’ opinion on Kortrijk

On a big screen you can view how other people feel about Kortrijk and what they would change.

Like what they made? Agree with what they think? Than give it a thumbs up. Don’t like it as much? Click on “next”. No dislike button, people would take advantage of this.

indtallation 03

Give your opinion on Kortrijk

This is an installation where you can say what you think of certain things in Kortrijk.

You can work together with other people, or alone. On a blank map of Kortrijk you can draw and write things. We chose to let people choose colours by their feelings. You feel excited about this certain thing in Kortrijk? Click on excited and you’ll get a green colour to draw on the map.

There are four little screens you can work on, both in groups on one screen or in groups on more than one screen. This means you can also choose to share your screen with other screens so you can make something together. In the center of this installation you can see what other people are working on. You can switch between screens by clicking on the numbers.

indtallation 04

With our concept we wanted to approach the problem of the Broeltorens in a creative way. To solve every problem we came across we used an as creative as possible solution: choosing colours while making use of feelings, drawings and audio instead of textual input and a full non-technological installation.
The installations bring people of all generations together, the installations are available for young and old and also for tourists who visit Kortrijk.

Every goal we set, we have met and they were extensively discussed in our installations.

We even thought about how we can make this more known on social media without having to spend a lot of money on expensive campaigns. The more people share their stories with the hashtag #kortrijkvertelt, the more the Broeltowers and the project will be known.