Personal project


Nature creatures are creatures who live on this huge planet where everything is bigger than they are. They live in a world where they are one with the animals and plants that inhabit the planet. Everything, everyone, every creature is connected in a way.

nature people - the one with the fish nature people - the one with the turtle

I started this project because I missed being creatively free, not only with illustrating but also with the mediums I used. After years of not painting I wanted to start this again. I bought myself some new gouache paint (because I remember that was my favorite when I still painted frequently).

I didn't give myself any limitations, that way I could go super big with my fantasy. Fish didn't have to swim, bugs didn't have to be small. I created an own world for these creatures. Three things you can see returning in every illustration are plants, humans and some of my favorite animals. Three things which I am very passionate about. I wanted to create a harmony between these three elements, in a way that they are connected with each other.

nature people - the one with the chameleon nature people - the one with the beetle

I also wanted to develop my own illustration style further, this project was a good way to do this. I kinda already had my own illustration style, but I felt I could develop it more. I didn't use any reference pictures for my sketches, this way I could stimulate my fantasy and creativity even more. I never thought I would be able to draw people and animals without a reference, but now I feel when I use a reference, I limit myself. Maybe the drawings become more realistic, but I use less fantasy and creativity. I learned a lot while working on this project and I will keep using these techniques.

Oh and I also learned a lot about gouache. I used the wrong paper (sketching paper) and at one point I had some paper peeling of. I learned you can work thin (like water color) and thick with gouache. I also learned that I have to work more with this medium, experiment with other mediums and not to make every illustration I create digitally!