Digital illustration

Personal project


Vertical creatures are sea creatures that need a bit attention. Them being in a position where they naturally don't get in, even makes them talk in this funny language.

this is a fish this is a whale

The fact that a lot of sea creatures are threatened to get extinct because, we as human beings think we are privileged to ruin the planet we live on by polluting it, is something that keeps my mind busy. With this project I wanted to bring attention to our marine friends, them being in a position where they've never been in because this other species made this thing called "plastic".

This is why, when I drew these marine creatures, I put them in a position they wouldn't naturally get in. completely vertically or upside down. Because sea life needs more attention

this is a jellyfish this is a manatee

I always like to get inspiration from things I see, or do, or experience. This is why I also gave them their own weird little sarcastic language. The things they are saying you can translate along the lines of “hey, wtf, see how we are floating here like this? This is not normal!”. The language is inspired by a language some my friends and I use. This weird broken kind-of English language.